A Complete Overview of iOS7

iOS7 is the biggest update we’ve seen to Apple’s mobile software since its launch over five years ago. In this article, I will be breaking it down piece by piece in full detail. My goal is to keep it as objective as possible, and I will try to announce when I am speaking my opinion as much as possible.

iOS7 Lockscreen

Lock Screen

There are a few new additions to the iOS7 lock screen. One being the ability to unlock your device by sliding anywhere on the screen not just in a certain spot on the device. Also new to the lock screen, is the new ability to access the notification shade and the new control center, both of which we will cover later in this article. The lock screen also got a new look with a simpler flatter clock and the removal of the slide to unlock bar. You can still quick access the camera by sliding up from the bottom right corner of the screen.

iOS7 Notifications

Notification Shade

The iOS7 Notification Shade has gotten a well deserved revamp. You can now see notifications in three categories: today, all, and missed. This is something that Android has done for a while now, and it is nice to see Apple catching up. The Notification Shade’s new look is also very flat with slight opacity so you can see some of your background shining threw. That being said, the Notification Shade does have a grey base tint. All of this being said, the Notification Shade is still accessible from anywhere on the device just like in all versions since iOS5.

iOS7 Control Center

Control Center

Control Center is the newest feature to come to iOS7. It allows you to enable/disable Airplane Mode, Wireless Access, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb Mod, and Orientation Lock. It also allows you to change your brightness which can be very helpful when you’re low on battery life and every second counts. From this menu you can change the volume of music, skip a song, and pause/play songs. Additional, you can now turn on the flash, rendering your flashlight apps useless, quickly access the clock app, the calculator app, and the camera app. The Control Center just like the Notification Shade is accessible from anywhere on the device.

iOS7 Homescreen

Home Screen

One of the first things you’ll notice when you unlock your Apple device after downloading iOS7 is the new moving icons in relation to the angle of your device. This was added to the OS to make it easier for people to see there apps when looking at their device from an awkward angle. In addition to moving icons, Apple has finally add moving dynamic backgrounds. These are backgrounds that move as your device moves or randomly depending on which one you use. You can also now have panoramic backgrounds that will change as you move your device left or right.

iOS7 App Icons

App Icons

The iOS7 app icons are flatter, more, compact, and what some believe simpler. For me, the change was minimal. I barely even noticed. For others, however, the change was  drastic. In my opinion, I think it depends on the person, and this is something you will have to judge yourself when you get your hands on iOS this fall. That being said, there are also new interactive Apple App icons. Clock now has an interactive icon that shows the actually time. For example, if it 3:30PM the clock app icon will show 3:30PM. The calendar icon is also still interactive showing the correct date on the app icon.

iOS7 Multitasking


iOS7 introduces true multitasking.  You can actually switch between open apps, and they will remain in the same state that they were in the last time you used them. That being said completely closing or “killing” apps is easier than ever. In iOS7 Simply swipe up on an open app and boom, it is gone. You can kill muliple apps at one time by swiping with two or three fingers.

iOS7 Camera


iOS7’s camera app is completely renovated. You can swipe from video to photo to square photo to panoramic. This may sound confusing, but I guarantee you will have no problem getting the hang of it no matter how much of a tech noob you are.  Another new addition in camera is filters. This was a long time coming especially with the popularity of apps like Instagram. HDR is also much easier to access in iOS7 being a button over the capture button making it very easy to take those high quality HDR photos.

iOS7 Photo Gallery


What’s new in the photo gallery besides a new sleek with look is collections. Collections allow you to sort your photos by year, month, week, day, and location. This is a nice feature if your when a photo was taken or where a photo was taken, but besides that I see no use for it. That being said, you can still browse your photos just like you always have by simply choosing to browse using albums.

iOS7 Reminders


The new reminders in iOS7 have received a new white/grey look, and like everything else in the OS have gotten a flatten thinner look. Reminders has also gotten a major software change with the new emphasis on list. List have always been around in Apple reminders, but they’ve never been this easy to use. Now, you can separate work, home, and play easily by simply creating a new list.

iOS7 Notes

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Ironically enough my notes simply say, “white and simple.”  That is really all that has changed. Notes has gotten a new look. Apple decided to follow the foot steps of pretty much every text editing program on the market and remove the notebook paper background, and add a nice white no line background as your canvas.

iOS7 Weather


The new iOS7 weather app has a ton of similarities to the Yahoo weather app with some people even saying it is as close to an exact copy as you can get without copy infringement. The new weather app now has an interactive background where if it is raining outside it will be raining in the background. If it is sunny outside, it will be sunny in the background. Just like the current app you can still see 12 hours ahead of your current time, and see the weather in other cities by swiping to the right.

iOS7 Phone


The iOS7 Phone still has the same normal functionality just with a new and improved keypad that has every number in it’s own individual circle unlike the previous iOS. It also features a new voice mail and contact layout with both having a new font as well as both now being white/grey.

iOS7 Messages


Messages has completely new features with news iMessage and SMS skins, a brand new keypad, and the new swipe back feature. First, let’s discuss the new iMessage skins which make the blue received messages much darker with no gradient while just making your white messages a bit more grey with no gradient.  Now the brand new keypad is very nice. It removes that old grey scratchy looks and replaces with a new light grey background and white buttons.  Lastly, we have the swipe back feature which can be used all around iOS7, but is most noticeable in messages. By simply swiping your finger from left to right across the screen you can go back to all of your messages. This is a cool new feature that may save you some time.

iOS7 Siri


As they have with every iteration of Siri, Siri is now smarter, more personable, and funnier. You can also now have a male or female Siri.  The female Siri is also less robotic sounding. However, the male Siri does sound robotic, even though this may improve as we get closer to the final release this fall.

iOS7 Settings


Settings also got a renovation follow the rest of the OS it is now white, grey, and blue with no gradients. The swipe back feature that we mentioned in the Messages section of this article also works within most settings menus making navigating through your device’s settings easier that ever.

iOS7 Folders


Folders didn’t change much, but what did change about them is their size. Folders are now bottomless. This means that folders can have as many apps as they want to with no limits. I can finally have all of my games in one folder instead of having to break them up into two. All of my Apple apps can now be tucked away neatly, and speaking of Apple apps you can now add the all hated Newsstand to folders.

iTunes Radio


The music app has a new look as far as colors go, but that is about it. The layout is the same with only one huge change. This change is the addition of iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is built to be in direct competition with apps such as Pandora,, and Spotify. This has been of my favorite features of iOS7 so far, and if you’re on the fence about updating this is something you should consider.

iOS7 App Store

App Store

The App Store in iOS7 has a new white/blue look and more updated features than other Apple apps have gotten. The new App Store has an auto-update feature that allows apps to update while your device is off and in your pocket. This removes the stress that of having to update all of those apps every day or so as now the OS does it for you. In addition to auto-updates, you can search for apps near you which allows you to see what is popular in your town.

iOS7 Safari


Safari got a well deserved redesign, but the most notable feature is the new tabs system. Tabs now have a very easy to see preview and can now be flipped between with extreme ease. Private browsing is also easier to access being one click away from the tab menu.

iOS7 Phone Search


This is the new way to search your device. Gone are the days of sliding all the way to left from the home screen. Now simply swipe the middle of the screen after your device is unlocked, and boom a search bar appears. From here you can search your entire device.

iOS7 Facetime Audio


FaceTime finally has a dedicated app. This is something many people have been asking for for quite some time now to make the whole FaceTiming thing easier. In addition to it getting its own app FaceTime got a new addition. This addition is FaceTime Audio. You can now call people just like you would using a normal phone call, but with FaceTime. This will come in handy for iPod and iPad users, but it seems pointless for iPhone users.

And there you have it. A complete breakdown of Apple’s new Ope ratting System, iOS7. I hope this has helped form your decision as to whether or not to update this fall. Nevertheless, come back to CrysisTV everyday for up to date iOS and Apple news as well as other awesome tech and gaming news.

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