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CrysisTV is a network built by creators for creators, and for that reason, we know that creators want as much of a revenue share as they can get. Thus, CrysisTV offers an 80% revenue share to ALL partners no matter their size.

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24/7 Skype And Email Support

We offer 24/7 Skype support with a guaranteed response time of 10 hours or less. If you have an issue or want to know more about CrysisTV, we are here to help. Please add us on Skype, CrysisTV, or email us at Network@Crysis.tv.

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Industry High CPMs

In addition to our amazing revenue share, CrysisTV has some of the best CPMs in the industry with our average CPMs ranging between $4-$10/1k views. We do this by running premium advertisements on our partners’ channels.

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